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The viewer is an implied character in The Backyardigans.


The existence of the show's viewer is never confirmed, but the major characters often talk to the viewer (for example, saying "Hi!" to the screen) and occasionally directly refer to them. Whenever the characters use the word "you" and are not speaking to another shown character, they are speaking to the unseen viewer. In this instance, the character is breaking the fourth wall by recognizing a being from outside their universe.


The viewer's appearance is unknown, as their entire existence is not confirmed.


The viewer has never appeared in an episode of The Backyardigans, but is frequently spoken to and referred to. The viewer is first spoken to in "Pirate Treasure".


  • Both the theme and end song reference the viewer. The phrase "your friends" is used in both songs, implying the existence of a viewer.
  • The first instance in which the viewer is directly referred to is in "Pirate Treasure" when Uniqua says, "You know what pirates say, of course." The word "you" is implying the viewer's existence.
  • In "Blazing Paddles", one of Uniqua's lines implies that there are multiple viewers. When shown alone in the backyard, talking to the screen, she says, "Howdy partners." As "partners" is plural, this may mean that there are multiple implied viewers.
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