The Backyardigans meet Bubble Guppies
The Backyardigans have a diving adventure and discovers the city of Bubbletucky, the hometown of the Bubble Guppies!




Bubble Guppies:



(Backyardigans theme song plays, then shows the title)

Uniqua: Hello! I'm pretending to be a diver.

Tyrone: Yeah, because today is...

All of the Backyardigans: INTERNATIONAL DIVING DAY!

(Let's Dive song plays)

Austin: Let's go to a beach in Texas, where our diving will start.

Tasha: Let's Dive!

(Backyardigans dive to the sea)

Austin: A City?

(poster appers and says " New Mayor of Bubbletucky")

Tyrone: Bubbletucky?

(meanwhile in Bubbletucky)

Guppies, Bubble Puppy, and Mr. Grouper: Hello!

(Gil sees Tasha)

Gil & Tasha: AAAAAH!

Tasha and Tasha: AAAAaAH! (Screaming) DA THE

Gil: W-who a-are y-you?

Tasha: I'm Tasha

Gil; Just wait a minute.

Gil: Molly!

Molly: What?

Gil: Come tell them to follow me.

Molly: Why?

Gil: It's a secret.

Molly: Mr. Grouper!

Mr. Grouper: What?

Gil: Follow Me.

Tasha: Where did that little boy go?

Austin: Little boy?

Gil: Here we are.

Austin: We?

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