The Backyardigans 2.0

The Backyardigans 2.0 Titlecard

Children's television series
Based on
The Backyardigans (2004-2010 series)
The Frontyardigans

The Backyardigans 2.0 is a spinoff of The Backyardigans. It is also the crossover series with The Frontyardigans. It also includes the Backyardigans' siblings. The series was based on two pilot episodes from April 2011, and three pilot episodes from December 2014 to February 2015, and was officially announced in June 2015 by Hornean.


The Backyardigans

  • Austin - a kangaroo; Victor and Jordan's older brother
  • Pablo - a penguin; Andrew's younger brother; Penny's older brother
  • Tyrone - a moose; Kathy's older brother
  • Uniqua - Ramona's twin sister
  • Tasha - a hippo; Jason's younger sister

The Backyardigans' Siblings

  • Andrew - a penguin; Pablo and Penny's older brother
  • Victor - a kangaroo; Austin's younger brother and Jordan's older brother; comic relief
  • Jordan - a kangaroo; Austin and Victor's younger sister
  • Ramona - Uniqua's twin sister
  • Penny - a penguin; Andrew and Pablo's younger sister
  • Jason - a hippo; Tasha's older brother
  • Kathy - a moose; Tyrone's younger sister

The Frontyardigans

  • Thomas - a wolf; one of the Frontyardigans
  • Sophie - a cat; one of the Frontyardigans
  • Martin - a dragon; one of the Frontyardigans
  • Moe - a cow; one of the Frontyardigans
  • Henwen - a pig; one of the Frontyardigans

Other Main Characters

  • Sparky - Austin, Victor, and Jordan's pet dog
  • Jeff - a dog; the gang's newest friend; deaf (debuted in Season 4)
  • Ronnie - a bunny (debuted in Season 5)


Pilot Season

  1. The Royal Journey
  2. The Nutcracker

Second Pilot Season

  1. Uniquarella
  2. The Cursed Ring
  3. The Pirate King

Season 1

  1. The Sleeping Princess
  2. Snow Uniqua and the Seven Dwarfs
  3. King Austin and the Knights of the Round Table
  4. The Emperor's New Robe
  5. The Gold Touch
  6. Pablostiltskin
  7. Frozen Brotherhood
  8. Uniquapunzel
  9. The Prince and the Mermaid
  10. Tasha's Adventures in Wonderland
  11. Nursery Tale Village
  12. The Princess and The Frog Prince
  13. The Sky Is Falling
  14. The Berry Hunt
  15. Save the Mermaid Kingdom
  16. The Horse Kings
  17. The Royal Ballet
  18. The Princess and the Marble
  19. Robin Hood the Nice and Friendly

Season 2

  1. The Royal Games
  2. The Haunting of Sleepy Hollow
  3. Upton Abbey
  4. Rubies Are Forever
  5. A Royal Merry Christmas
  6. The Temple of Gloom
  7. A Christmas Mystery
  8. The Cat Who Cried Wolf
  9. The Magic Crown
  10. The Firefighter Knights
  11. Super Royals to the Rescue
  12. Long Live the Orchestra!
  13. Train Bandits
  14. The Royal Magicians
  15. Party At Sea
  16. Doggy Doctors
  17. The Old Switcheroo
  18. The Lunar Festival
  19. Be My Royal Valentine
  20. The Royal Siblings Race

Season 3

  1. The Sibling Patrol
  2. Tricera-Cops
  3. B.Y.P.D. Blue
  4. The Royal-pocalypse
  5. The Royal Easter Egg Hunt
  6. The Daring Fishermen
  7. The Daring Princess
  8. Gung Ho!
  9. Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen
  10. Where In The World Is Sophie Santiago?
  11. Rock Your Style
  12. The Blind Dragon
  13. The Surprise Laugh
  14. The Operoid Invasion
  15. Best Circus Acts In Town
  16. Faith Over Fear
  17. The Knight Who Would Be King
  18. Ninjas vs. Samurais
  19. Galaxy Under Siege
  20. The Enchanted Tree
  21. Jungle Trouble

Season 4

  1. The Haunted Castle
  2. The Maltese Lion
  3. The Whole Lie
  4. The Great Dragon Race
  5. The Rainbow Prix
  6. The Enchanted Boulder
  7. The Royal Puppies
  8. The Scarlet Lupine
  9. On The Right Track
  10. The Travels of Marty Gulliber
  11. The Enchanted Garden
  12. The Red Horseshoes
  13. Snowbound
  14. The Magic of Silence
  15. The Christmas Star
  16. We Three Kings
  17. The New Knight's Quest
  18. The Royal Alien Wedding
  19. Boys In Black
  20. My Own Special Picture

Season 5

  1. Building a New Palace
  2. The Crystal Labyrinth
  3. Where the Wild Horses Are
  4. The Palace Prankster
  5. Your Majesties, We Shrunk Ourselves
  6. Bayview
  7. The Masked Marbler
  8. The Hiccup Problem
  9. The Knightly Boot Camp
  10. Adventures in Dragon-Sitting
  11. Trouble in the Triangle
  12. Pushing Up Daisies
  13. Weirder Things
  14. The Mysterious Sound
  15. A Sticky Situation
  16. Do Not Pass Gnome
  17. Jurassic Kingdom
  18. The Super Puppy Bowl
  19. The Magic Snowboard
  20. The Treasure of the Seven Seas

Season 6

  1. The Queen's Dance
  2. The Buzzing Bass
  3. The Enchanted Carpet
  4. The Curse of Clumsiness
  5. Hip Hop Hijinks
  6. Bump in the Sand
  7. The Harp of Invisibility
  8. Try Away Home
  9. Masquerade Charade
  10. Wonder Dog
  11. Piano Panic
  12. Fantasy On Ice
  13. Car Rampage


  • The series was a huge success gaining high ratings and positive reviews.


  • The series now focuses on Fake Interactivity.
  • As of "Be My Royal Valentine", Austin is the only character to appear in every single episode of the series.
  • Tyrone, Austin, Andrew, and Jason are the only male characters whose voices have gone deeper.
  • Sometimes, the snack at end of each episode goes along with the theme of the episode.
  • Some songs are not sung by the characters in the show.
  • Jeff is the first disabled character of the series.
  • Laugh tracks were used in the series. (Like Bubble Guppies, they have kids laughing instead of adults)