Pedro- Pedro in the oldest by 35 minutes. He loves his sister, though she tends to annoy him. He isn't as much of a fireball as his sister.

Juju- Juju is the youngest by 35 minutes.


Pedro- Pedro is a calm, logical boy that is aware of the feelings his friends. He is very serious and quiet. He doesn't speak much but he has an every lasting smile. He doesn't like adventuring much but when his friends do it, he always follows along. He's a massive Daddy's boy.

Juju- Juju is the fireball of the two. She is sassy, sarcastic, bossy and not afraid to speak her mind. She is very energetic and is more adventurous then Pedro. She loves both her parents alike and no one is better than the other to her.


Pedro- Pedro is a penguin like Pablo. Everywhere Pablo is blue he is yellow, like his mother. Where Pablo is cream he is blue. He gets the cap hand me dow from his dad.

Juju- Juju is a blue hippo that wears a pink dress most of the time. She has longer eyelashes then her mother and along with her dress she also wears a feather scarf around her neck.

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  • They are debuted in the Fanfiction story, Cartoon Central.
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