This article is a transcript for the episode Snow Uniqua and the Seven Dwarfs.


Uniqua (Snow Uniqua): Why-- why, you're little people. How do you do?

(no answer)

Uniqua (Snow Uniqua): I said, "How do you do?"

Moe (Grumpy Moe): (annoyed) How do ya do what?

Uniqua (Snow Uniqua): Oh, you can talk. I'm so glad. Now, don't tell me who you are. Let me guess. I know, (looks at Andrew) you're Doc Andrew.

Andrew (Doc Andrew): Why-- why-- why, yes! Yes! That's true.

Uniqua (Snow Uniqua): (looks at Sophie) And you're-- You're Bashful Sophie.

Sophie (Bashful Sophie): (face turns red; shyly) Oh, gosh!

(dwarfs chuckling)

(Audience laughs)

Uniqua (Snow Uniqua): (looks at Henwen who is yawning) And, you? (Henwen stops yawning) You're Sleepy Henwen.

Henwen (Sleepy Henwen): How'd you guess?

(dwarfs chuckling)

(Audience laughs)

Uniqua (Snow Uniqua): (looks at Thomas) And you?

Thomas (Sneezy Thomas): (preparing to sneeze) Ah--Ah--Ah--

(Pablo and Moe covers Thomas' nose)

Uniqua (Snow Uniqua): (chuckling) You're Sneezy Thomas!

(dwarfs chuckling)

(Audience laughs)

(Thomas sighs)

Thomas (Sneezy Thomas): (sneezes) Ah-Choo!

(dwarfs laughing)

(Audience laughs)

Uniqua (Snow Uniqua): Yes. (looks at Martin) And you must be--

Martin (Happy Martin): Happy Martin, ma'am. That's me. (points to Pablo) And this is Dopey Pablo. He don't talk none.

Uniqua (Snow Uniqua): You mean he can't talk?

Martin (Happy Martin): He don't know. He never tried.

Uniqua (Snow Uniqua): (laughs) Oh, that's too bad. (stops laughing when she sees Moe who looks rather annoyed) Ooooooooh. You must be Grumpy Moe.

(dwarfs laughing)

(Audience laughs)

Moe (Grumpy Moe): (with contempt) Hmph!

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