Skye headshot
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Austin and Skye hanging out


Skylar is Austin's girlfriend, Oh la la! She is a civilian that lives a few neighbourhoods away but when they grow up they get married and move in together.


Skye is very generous, kind, and willing to help her friends, though she tends to be timid and soft spoken, exspecially around Austin. There isn't a bad bone in her body and it's very rare to see her get angry. Being Austin's girlfriend, she craves attention from him, often blushing when she is around him. Once you get past her shy side, she's a very curious And optimistic girl, that wants to please everybody. She's a good natured kangaroo, that's very sweet. Though she is shy, she will speak her mind when someone is bullying Austin. She's the nicest Kangaroo you will ever meet, but mess with Austin and that will change.


Skye is an indigo kangaroo with a neon green bow. She changes her attires daily, so she has no usaull attire like the others, but she wears a golden ring on each of her hands.


  • Her and Austin get married in the future
  • Her debut is on, when she appears in my most loved fiction called Backyardi-loves,
  • They have four kids when they Grow up.
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