Princess Hidey is a superhero played by Henwen.


She can make herself invisible. She can also fly. She is a member of the Super Royals led by her brother, Prince Incredible.


Played By Henwen
2.0 Pilot roles

Fairy GodmotherHousekeeper HenwenFifth Mate HenwenCountess Henwen (The Pirate King)

2.0 Season 1 roles

Fairy HenwenSleepy HenwenHandmaiden HenwenMaid Henwen (Frozen Brotherhood)Mermaid HenwenJillEngineer Henwen (Save the Mermaid Kingdom)Queen Henwen (The Horse Kings)Harp Player HenwenPrincess Henwen (The Princess and the Marble)Maid HenwenLady Henwen (The Royal Games)

2.0 Season 2 roles
Farmhand HenwenHenwen WhiteMiss MoneynickelAgent HenwenQueen Henwen (A Christmas Mystery)Night Soldier HenwenJournalist HenwenPrincess HideyFlute Player HenwenTrain Barkeeper HenwenEngineer Henwen (Party At Sea)Princess Henwen (Be My Royal Valentine)
2.0 Season 3 roles
Peasant HenwenCountess Henwen (The Daring Princess)Chef Student HenwenHenwen (Rock Your Style)Motorcyclist HenwenJester HenwenDr. HenwenLady Henwen the Dark Knight of Sloth
2.0 Season 4 roles
Lady Henwen (The Royal Puppies)Giant Henwen
2.0 Season 6 roles
Baker HenwenMusician HenwenSaloon Girl HenwenHenwen (Fantasy on Ice)Florist Henwen
2.0 Season 7 roles
Crew Chief HenwenBarkeeper Henwen
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