Prince Victor is a prince played by Victor.


He usurped the throne from his siblings King Austin and Queen Jordan so he can exceed taxation to be rich. But it turns out that he was a pawn of Sir Thomas who uses his hypnotic powers to control his mind. He acts as the false antagonist of Robin Hood the Nice and Friendly.


Prince Victor is mostly of a purple color. He wears a gold crown and blue royal robe.


Played By Victor
2.0 Season 1 roles

Jester Victor (The Sleeping Princess)Huntsman Victor (Snow Uniqua and the Seven Dwarfs)Prince Victor (King Austin and the Knights of the Round Table)Victor the GeniePrince Victor (Frozen Brotherhood)Prime Minister Victor (Uniquapunzel)Bishop VictorJack-be-NimbleKing Victor (The Sky Is Falling)King Victor (The Berry Hunt)Chef VictorKing Victor (The Horse Kings)Percussionist VictorGuard Victor (The Princess and the Marble)Prince Victor (Robin Hood the Nice and Friendly)

2.0 Season 2 roles

Marquis Victor (The Royal Games)Headless HorsemanKing Victor (Sleepy Hollow)Colonel Victor MustardProfessor VictorCaptain VictorColonel Victor FrothingsloshHuntsman Victor (The Cat Who Cried Wolf)Prince Victor (The Magic Crown)Firefighter Knight VictorPolice Officer Victor (Super Royals to the Rescue)Drummer VictorMiner VictorJester Victor (The Royal Magicians)Yeoman VictorKing Victor (Doggy Doctors)Pauper VictorDragon Carrier VictorWizard Victor

2.0 Season 3 roles

Police Officer Victor (The Sibling Patrol)Police Officer Victor (Tricera-Cops)Officer Victor (B.Y.P.D. Blue)Prince Victor (The Royal-pocalypse)Court Page VictorFisherman VictorMartial Arts Student VictorMaître D' VictorGumshoe VictorPrince Victor (Rock Your Style)Minstrel VictorVictor the BirdMercenary Pilot VictorVictor the DaredevilOfficer Victor (Faith Over Fear)Squire VictorNinja VictorCaptain Victor (Galaxy Under Siege)King Victor (The Enchanted Tree)Colonel Victor (Jungle Trouble)

2.0 Season 4 roles
King Victor (The Haunted Castle)Detective VictorKing Victor (The Whole Lie)Broadcaster VictorKing Victor (The Enchanted Boulder)Archduke VictorOil Tycoon VictorDuke Victor (The Travels of Marty Gulliber)Fairy Minister VictorPrince Victor (The Red Horseshoes)Blacksmith VictorAgent VPrime Minister Victor (My Own Special Picture)
2.0 Season 5 roles
Artisan VictorSheriff VictorPrince Victor (The Palace Prankster)King Victor (Your Majesties, We Shrunk Ourselves)Lifeguard VictorKing Victor (The Masked Marbler)Count VictorMusician VictorDuke Victor (A Sticky Situation)King Victor (The Super Puppy Bowl)
2.0 Season 6 roles
King Victor (The Buzzing Bass)Apprentice VictorSir VictorKing Victor (The Harp of Invisibility)Co-Pilot VictorFarmer VictorGuardian VictorMarquis Victor (The Mighty Jackalope)Guard Victor (Dragon 911)Prince Victor (The Jewels of the Seven Seas)Viking Victor
2.0 Season 7 roles
Sailing Master VictorCrew Chief VictorDeputy Victor
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