Prince Tyrone is a prince played by Tyrone.


He was transformed into the evil dark dragon (and sometimes in a form of a cloud of darkness) when he unsuspectingly put on a necklace that has a dark gem that was cursed, and the gem's powers took control of his mind which makes him indirectly responsible for putting Princess Uniqua into eternal sleep. It turns out that it was his sister Princess Kathy who created the dark gem to turn him into a dragon so she could take over his kingdom. When Prince Austin tossed his sword to yank the necklace off causing it to fall the ground that shattered the gem to pieces, it not only broke the sleeping spell, but it also shattered the dark curse and restored Prince Tyrone to normal. This makes him the false antagonist of the first episode of The Backyardigans 2.0, The Sleeping Princess.


Prince Tyrone is mostly of an orange color.


Played By Tyrone
Original roles

Viking TyroneGround Controller TyroneAgent TyroneButler TyroneSergeant TyroneTsar Tyrone

2.0 Pilot roles
FritzGrand Duke TyronePrime Minister TyroneCaptain BlackmooseLord Blackmoose
2.0 Season 1 roles
Prince Tyrone (The Sleeping Princess)Magic MirrorSir Moose-A-LotEmperor Tyrone (The Emperor's New Robe)Bishop TyroneWoodman TyronePrime Minister Tyrone (Frozen Brotherhood)Butler Tyrone (Uniquapunzel)King Tyrone (The Prince and the Mermaid)Orange RabbitHumpty DumptySteward TyroneMinstrel TyroneMaître D' TyroneVizier TyroneKing Tyrone (The Horse Kings)Tyrone the Ballet DancerKing Tyrone (The Princess and the Marble)Tyrone-A-Dale
2.0 Season 2 roles
Count Tyrone (The Royal Games)Squire TyroneCount Tyrone (Upton Abbey)The Night WizardHenchman Tyrone (Super Royals to the Rescue)Tuba Player TyroneCowboy Tyrone (Train Bandits)Captain Tyrone (The Royal Magicians)Shipbuilder TyroneCaptain Tyrone (The Old Switcheroo)Lion Dancer TyronePrince Tyrone (The Royal Siblings Race)
2.0 Season 3 roles
Captain Tyrone (B.Y.P.D. Blue)Duke TyroneYeoman TyroneMartial Arts Student TyroneChef Student TyroneDeputy TyroneCowboy Tyrone (Rock Your Style)Mercenary Pilot TyroneCircus Performer TyroneSir Tyrone the Dark Knight of Lust
2.0 Season 4 roles
Wizard Tyrone (The Haunted Castle)Chief TyroneChef TyroneValet TyroneGuard Tyrone (The Scarlet Lupine)Waiter TyroneEmperor Tyrone (The Travels of Marty Gulliber)Prince Tyrone (The Red Horseshoes)
2.0 Season 5 roles
Designer TyroneShopkeeper TyroneCaptain Tyrone (Trouble in the Triangle)Officer TyroneSousaphonist TyroneCount Tyrone (Jurassic Kingdom)Footman TyroneKing Tyrone (The Treasure of the Seven Seas)
2.0 Season 6 roles
Highland Dancer TyroneViolinist TyroneGenie TyroneWizard Tyrone (The Harp of Invisibility)Tourist TyronePrince Tyrone (Fantasy on Ice)Guard Tyrone (The Jewels of the Seven Seas)
2.0 Season 7 roles
Sir Tyrone (A Royal Mess)Race Car Driver Tyrone
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