Martin "Ichabod" Crane is a schoolmaster played by Martin.



Played By Martin
2.0 Pilot roles

Farmer MartinFootman MartinMaître D' MartinSecond Mate MartinBaron Martin (The Pirate King)

2.0 Season 1 roles
Court Page MartinHappy MartinMerlin MartinWise Old TrollSpider MartinSir Martin (The Princess and the Frog Prince)Bishop MartinMedic MartinKing Martin (The Horse Kings)Director MartinGuard Martin (The Princess and the Marble)Sheriff Martin
2.0 Season 2 roles
Maze Hunter MartinMartin "Ichabod" CraneButler MartinD (Rubies Are Forever)Colonel MartinDoorman MartinNight Soldier MartinAnchorman MartinTimpani Player MartinTrain Bandit MartinGuard Martin (The Royal Magicians)Ensign MartinDr. MartinGuard Martin (The Old Switcheroo)Assistant Martin
2.0 Season 3 roles
Baron Martin (The Royal-pocalypse)Patron MartinMartin (Rock Your Style)Space Wheel Performer MartinSir Martin (Faith Over Fear)Lieutenant MartinMartin the Wizard KingPoacher Martin
2.0 Season 4 roles
Hunter MartinMartin DraconMarty GulliberMinstrel Martin
2.0 Season 5 roles
Officer MartinYeoman Martin
2.0 Season 6 roles
Railroad Tycoon MartinPrince Martin (The Enchanted Carpet)King Martin (The Curse of Clumsiness)Fire Chief MartinThespian MartinMartin (Fantasy on Ice)Prince Martin (The Jewels of the Seven Seas)
2.0 Season 7 roles
Knight MartinCrew Chief Martin
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