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Love Bugs Me (its title a play on the phrase "love bugs") was a fan-made spin-off idea created by Clean. The series began on February 5, 2011.

''Love Bugs Me''


Animated spin-off series
February 5, 2011
Episode count


The characters to appear in the series were similar to the main cast of The Backyardigans.


Later wife of Austin.


Later husband of Uniqua.


Later husband of Tasha.


Later wife of Tyrone.


Penguin without a true love....yet!


Most episodes have plays on love terms for titles. There have only been five known to air later.


  • Austin ♥ Uniqua - Uniqua and Austin decide to put aside their differences and announce that they are a "couple."
  • Marriage Unfairiage - Tyrone's gift for Tasha is not as wonderful as it may seem.
  • Lone Lover - Pablo is sent into a slump when he feels that he will never find love.
  • T + T 4-EVER - Tyrone and Tasha begin to doubt their "relationship."
  • Mistaken Lovedentity - Austin accuses Uniqua of cheating on him when he believes she is keeping a secret from him. Pablo is interrogated, and the gang soon discovers that the entire event was a misunderstanding.

Critical Reception

The fan-created series did not receive much attention until summer 2013, when the topic generated controversy. Fans who believed different "love triangles" were more believable and fans who did not believe that the topic of love within the main cast was important had mixed opinions on the series and its episodes. In mid-2014, the series' episode articles on the wiki were consolidated into a single page in an attempt to avoid further controversy created by the series. The show's creator has yet to return to the site and has not edited since the creation of the show on February 5, 2011.

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