King Moe is a king played by Moe.



King Moe is mostly of a black and white color. He wears a gold crown, a black tailcoat, an orange and blue sash, and a red mantle.

Played By Moe
2.0 Pilot roles

Steward MoeBishop MoeFourth Mate MoeBaron Moe

2.0 Season 1 roles

Jester MoeGrumpy MoeCaptain MoeBodyguard MoeThe Knave of HeartsPrime Minister Moe (The Princess and the Frog Prince)Professor MoeKing Moe (The Horse Kings)Pianist MoeGuard Moe (The Princess and the Marble)Friar Moe

2.0 Season 2 roles

Maze Hunter MoeWizard MoeYeoman MoeHenchman MoeMoe MelloqDoorman MoeMayor MoeDr. CowKing Moe (Long Live the Orchestra!)Train Bandit MoeThe Black and White OgreChef MoeDr. MoeGuard Moe (The Old Switcheroo)

2.0 Season 3 roles
Count MoePatron MoeMoe ShawneMoe (Rock Your Style)Motorcyclist MoeEnsign MoeSir Moe the Dark Knight of GluttonyPoacher Moe
2.0 Season 4 roles
Hunter MoeLord MoeHead Gardener Moe
2.0 Season 5 roles
Surfer Moe
2.0 Season 6 roles
Conductor MoePrince MoeFirefighter MoeNovelist MoeSheriff MoeMajordomo MoeMoe (Fantasy on Ice)Car Repairman Moe
2.0 Season 7 roles
Flagman Moe
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