I'm The One is a song from Escape From HalloweenTale Village!.



Pablo: I'm the one. I'm the one. If I'm picked, I'll have lots o' fun. I'm the one, I'm the one. My paperboy career has almost begun. I' I'm the best, positively. I'm the guy. No buts, no "Why?". I'm the one, oh yeah, I'm the one, that's right, I'm the one, ha-heah, I'm the one, tonight!

Verse 2

Pablo: I'm really, really, positive-eally, the one!

Tasha: Nope.

Pablo: The one, that one, that you're lookin' for. I can tell you want more.

Tasha: No hope.

Pablo: Please, please, can you allow?

Tasha: No, uh-uh, I won't ever now.

Pablo: How could you, how could ya? Really? How?

Tasha: I want you outta my sight, don't you say "wow".

Pablo: I would never expect....

Tasha: Yeah, I don't accept.

Pablo: ...That you would do this. Please hire me, miss.

Tasha: Never. Nada. Go away.

Pablo: I will never leave.

Tasha: Hey!

Pablo: I won't move from this spot.

Tasha: Oh, show me what ya got.

Verse 3

Pablo: I'm the one, I'm the one. I'm gonna have lots o' fun. Come on! I've been picked. My day's begun. I'm the one. I'm the one. I was hopeless....

Tasha: Yeah, you were.

Pablo: Until I did this.

Tasha: You were like "I'm gonna annoy her!".

Pablo: Yeah. I was.

Tasha: What's the buzz?

Pablo: I dunno, but something inside me said "Hey, you, you haven't tried, ye."

Tasha: I don't understand. This is strange.

Pablo: I'm just a young man. Not deranged.

Tasha: Well, now you're the one. Go, go, go.

Pablo: Okay. I will. Woah, woah, woah!

Tasha: Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha! He'll be finished. Ta-da!

Pablo: What was that you just said?

Tasha: Nothing. Won't you go ahead?

Pablo: Okay. Verse 4""" Pablo: Want Warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Qazvin Was My Taxes Tasha: Push Push Push Push Was Not My Mi Papal 1 Amo

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