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Frozen Brotherhood is the seventh episode of "The Backyardigans 2.0" written by Hornean.


Prince Austin discovers he has the power to make snow and ice and he and his brother Prince Victor were having so much fun with it until Austin accidentally hits Victor in the head with his ice bolts. The prime minister tells Austin that the castle gates must remain closed for his own safety. Austin feared he might hurt Victor again and decided not to talk, play, or go near him again leaving his brother broken-hearted. A few days later the time had come to reopen the castle gates for Austin's coronation as king. The coronation ceremony goes off without incident and Victor and Austin began to bond again at the reception. But when Princess Tasha came over and offered to stay at the castle, Austin refused, claiming they can't allow a visiting princess to stay at the castle when she first came and tells Prime Minister Tyrone to end the party and close the gates. This made Victor so angry that he confronted Austin for avoiding him all day, setting off an argument between the brothers to the point when Austin lost control and had his powers exposed in front of the visitors. Panicked, Austin flees, inadvertently unleashing an eternal winter all over the kingdom in the process. Can Victor find his brother and help him control his powers and reverse the curse on the kingdom?


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