First Mate Pablo is a pirate played by Pablo.


He was initially Captain Blackmoose's right-hand man until he manipulated the crew into turning on Blackmoose. Just as he was about to touch the scepter, he and the crew was tackled by Blackmoose, Uniqua, Thomas, Sophie, and Andrew and Austin touched the magic scepter and became king. When King Austin demanded to know who committed mutiny on Blackmoose. Having been defeated, Pablo confessed to orchestrating a mutiny on Blackmoose and he revealed the real truth: he was holding Blackmoose responsible for the loss of Pablo's leg during a terrible storm in the Bermuda Triangle (which explains why he has a peg leg). When King Austin asked Pablo why he wouldn't forgive Blackmoose when he should have, Pablo explained that Blackmoose didn't listen to his warnings because he knew the Bermuda Triangle was in their path during one of the journeys. This upset Blackmoose so much that he berated Pablo for not being clear on why they shouldn't go that way. This prompted Pablo to apologize to Blackmoose for not filling in the details and for being a grudger. He acts as the true antagonist of the episode The Pirate King.


First Mate Pablo is mostly of a blue color.


Played by Pablo
Original roles

Viking PabloScience Officer PabloDetective PabloInspector PablonatorAgent SecretKing Pablo

2.0 Pilot roles
The Mouse KingHerald PabloWizard Pablo (The Cursed Ring)First Mate PabloCount Pablo (The Pirate King)
2.0 Season 1 roles
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2.0 Season 2 roles
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2.0 Season 3 roles
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2.0 Season 4 roles
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2.0 Season 5 roles
Apprentice PabloEnsign PabloSecurity Guard PabloXylophonist PabloBaker PabloPirate Captain Pablo
2.0 Season 6 roles
Flamenco Dancer PabloTrombone Player PabloVizier PabloDuke PabloEMT PabloUnderwater Forest Guardian PabloPrince Pablo (The Jewels of the Seven Seas)
2.0 Season 7 roles
Knight Pablo (A Royal Mess)Race Car Driver PabloGuard Pablo (The Silver Compass)Engine Crew Member PabloKnight Pablo (The Fairy Tale Detective)Sir Pablo the Fearful
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