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You've reached The Backyardigans Fanon Wiki! Our site was founded by the administrators of The Backyardigans Wiki and is an online database for fans of the Backyardigans television series to publish their ideas for episodes, characters, spin-offs and more.

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Featured Article: King Austin (King Austin and the Knights of the Round Table)

King Austin - King Arthur.png
King Austin is a young king played by Austin. He is the main protagonist of the "Round Table" sub-series.

Rules of the Wiki

  1. Respect other users' feelings. Please refrain from criticizing other users' stories.
  2. We do not accept stories featuring a Backyardigan's death.
  3. "Shipping" (pairing characters together romantically) is no longer allowed.
  4. Please keep stories appropriate for readers of all ages.
  5. If you are being cyber-bullied or cyber-stalked, notify an administrator and a person you trust.
  6. Vandalism and profanity is not tolerated on this wiki.
  7. Don't make your own rules after administrators tell you you've broken some.
  8. Don't change any templates. Admins work really hard to create these great features.
  9. When an admin tells you no or wait, don't go behind their backs to try and get your way. That's just being rude.
  10. Do not go multiple places trying to discuss your block. If you have been blocked, it is for a reason. If it's a mistake, feel free to ask somewhere, but don't go searching different wikias and especially not Facebook for the admins.
  11. Don't rename pages for no reason.
  12. Don't change any templates. Admins work really hard to create these great features.
  13. Always ask for the user's permission for their OC's (original character/ own character), Story line, plot, or ideas before creating a story of it. DO NOT ask permission and then immediately make the story or character anyways without even waiting for consent of the other user.

Strike System

Depending on the terms and severity of the rules that are broken- there is a strike system in place.

Exceptions to this system:

If a user is spamming pages/comments continuously without stopping; a short, immediate block will be put in place to stop the spamming and a warning will be put upon their walls- but the block will be lengthened if the user breaks the rules again after that.

More serious rulebreaking such as harassment and sockpuppeting will receive immediate blocks


  • X: Strike One-Blocked for six months.
  • XX: Strike Two-Blocked for one year.
  • XXX: Strike Three-Blocked forever no matter what happens.