Backyard Basement


January 7, 2009
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Backyard Basement is a YouTube video featuring the Backyardigans as stuffed animals. It was the first out of three Backyardigans videos by YouTube user JettaLee28.

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The Backyardigans explore a basement and play games like Cozy Coupe, basketball, and baseball. But Pablo fails at all these games and gets shipped to school! After failing at school as well, Pablo comes back to his friends and actually tells them that he enjoyed the day.


  • Pablo's habit of falling into the basketball hoop is brought up again in SUMMER FUN when Pablo tries to climb into the hoop outside, and his friends tell him, "Pablo, we've talked about this."
  • Tyrone calls him self "Da Man" after succeeding at basketball. He also calls himself this in SUMMER FUN.
  • The child called "the big guy" in this episode's real name is Skyler, seen in the title of another one of JettaLee28's videos.
  • Pablo's failure with sports is brought up again when Pablo tells the other Backyardigans "No more real sports for me." in Wii.


  • (Pablo is on the roof of the school and falls off.) "I'm learning, I'm learning! Aw, this is so much fun! A, B, C, D, AAHH!"
  • "Well, guys, what do you think we should do? We're stuck in this basement today."
  • "Hey! There's a red Cozy Coupe! Hop in, guys."
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