Austin Jr (AJ): AJ is a lot like his dad. He is extremely sweet and kind but can be shy at times. When you mess with his family, he's not afraid to pick a physical fight.

Senhora: Senhora is a calm and collected girl that is peaceful and happy. She is like a zen and it's rare to ever see her lose her temper. She always has logical solutions to any problems her siblings or friends are troubled with.

Ashley: Ashley may act sweet in front of her parents, but if you leave her with a babysitter she will mess the sitter up more than the house. She's a master at blackmail and loves to get in trouble. She's afraid of her parents though. Ashley is not always as polite as her friends and siblings.

Rocko: Rocko is the outgoing one of the group. He's social and happy, always looking for something. He's extremely hyper but he is very respectful to his parents.


AJ: AJ is a purple kangaroo like his father and he wears a tuxedo as his daily attire.

Senhora: Senhora is a light pink kangaroo with a red Barrett on her head.

Ashley: Ashley is a royal blue kangaroo that wears two earrings on on her ears and has her neon green bow hand me down from her mother.

Rocko: Rocko is a dark indigo kangaroo that has his father's hand me down attire.

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